Hosted Phone Systems – 3 Types of UCaaS

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There are 3 main types of hosted phone / UCaaS providers:

1. Started off Premise based, migrated to cloud later.

Respected household names such as Cisco, Avaya, & Mitel (purchased Shoretel). These companies set the standard for office phone systems and have since made the migration to cloud based.

2. Platform Based

These providers leverage a base platform that is then developed and tweaked to their desired requirements; think Android made by Google, and Samsung as the end product.

There are two main platforms; Broadsoft & NetSapiens.

On top of Broadsoft for example, providers such as Nextiva, AT&T, West, and TPX have created their solution.

3. Born in the cloud

These providers have a current offering that was 100% born in the cloud.

These companies include RingCentral, 8×8, Dialpad, Fuze, and Vonage.

No matter which direction you choose, the #1 usually comes down to integration; which provider will be able to integrate best into your work environment. 

CRM, ERP, Contact Center, ITSM

Searching for a new phone system?

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