How to Build Trust Early, Cofounder or no cofounder? / thePOZcast #64, Kyle Burt [REPOST]

How to Build Trust Early, Cofounder or no cofounder? / thePOZcast #64, Kyle Burt [REPOST]

Humbled to be a part of thePOZcast with my friend Adam Posner. This is a repost from his podcast. Be sure to check 

Kyle Burt joins me on e64 of #thepozcast. Kyle is all about adding value in so many ways. First a bit more. Kyle Burt, a.k.a. #CatchKyle is a solo technology entrepreneur & live podcaster who has built a profitable consulting business on the back of $3M in service contracts since leaving behind a decade of corporate AT&T in 2016. He helps IT & business leaders make faster, better decisions throughout their purchase of cybersecurity, cloud, & telecom services to enhance the business.  As a content creator and podcaster, Kyle has been creating weekly content for the past three years. Most recently, as a LinkedinLive beta tester, his show #Dialedin has aired over 60 times in the span of 10 months. He was kind enough to have me on a few months back. As well, Kyle was instrumental in our LILIVE feed of our Dallas event, this dude knows what he is doing! We had a chance to meet and hang IRL and I can attest he is the real deal. I am thrilled to have him on.  For more:  Thanks for listening!


4;41 – How to Build Trust in a  Relationship at the very Beginning
6:38 – Why do People Fail?
8:05 – Use of Tools and Database/ Artificial Intelligence
8:48 – Cofounder or no Cofounder?
12:24 – Customer Experience
14:28 – Kyle’s New Office Tour
17:09 – Why do you need a Podcast/Live sessions?
26:14 – Personal Branding
30:58 – Friction & Problem Solving

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