I Have Failed this Podcast: Quarantine Reflections

I Have Failed this Podcast: Quarantine Reflections

I Have Failed this Podcast: Quarantine Reflections

I have failed this podcast.

The biggest irony of all is that this show is titled “Dialedin” yet it is anything but that.

But I don’t know how to stop. I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop.

It’s like a run-away train, except its not even dialed in to the tracks.


I am by nature, a generalist. Therefore I find it very difficult to stick to a “niche.”

As result, I feel like this podcast does not provide enough value nor does it have the right focus (speaking about this moment in time specifically).

I have always been the one to jump first and build the plane on the way down. I think I built enough of a plane here to not crash and burn, but we definitely did not get the lift off I was hopeful for. 

That’s ok. This is my L and I own it. 

During this COVID-19 pandemic, I know that I am not the most successful in the room, but I am also not human number 7.64 billion – my perspective is in check (somebody always has it worse than you).

But I’ve been asking myself, how did I get here?

I think the answer to that is I have been on a journey to becoming the most adaptable to change.

Being open minded at all times, not afraid to try new things and experiment; I adapted here.

And so, I realized that this is exactly my purpose. To use this platform to help others get Dialedin, get on the path to becoming the most adaptable to change. 

How many others out here are also struggling to define their purpose?

How many others know they need to change, yet struggle with it?

This is my renewed vision; my new purpose. I hope you’ll join me in this quest.

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